', a traditionally designed


, came into being on 27 March, 1978. The designer & visualizer,    Mr. Surendra Patel, discovered the name 'Vishalla' in the book Bhattachintamani of a religious group called 'Swaminarayan'. This book encompasses the life span of the Swaminarayan Guru. There is a small district in the Himalayas, 'Badri Vishalla', which has been widely recognized as a prominent retreat for the 'rishi-munis' since time unknown. The place is fit for the purpose owing to its vastness, the ambience, and the ................. Read More...
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Vishalla Restaurant
Vechaar Utensils Museum
Each ingredient at Vishalla is sourced directly from the farmers. Not only is fresh produce bought each day, but the owners also have a keen involvement in the procuring of the fruits, vegetables and ingredients. Most spices and raw materials are ground in-house, under the watchful eyes of
Mr. and Mrs. Surendra Patel. And there are extremely strict kitchen rules that the entire staff follows. That is how Vishalla is what it is today.
The food is served in a leaf plate, making the plates biodegradable, disposable, hygienic and convenient to use. They also lend a rustic and authentic touch to the food. These plates also provide employment to a large number of villagers, for whom, making these plates are the only source of income. The food philosophy followed at Vishalla is very simple – everything is made each day, with the help of seasonal vegetables and utmost attention to cleanliness. The

Gujarati thali

served here is a perfect example of what a balanced diet looks like – from the right serving of carbohydrates to the appropriate proportion of fiber and protein – it is nutrition and taste rolled into one.
Another very important aspect of Vishalla’s food heritage is that it adheres to some very ancient techniques of cooking, serving and eating food. Guests, no matter how important they might be, are served food as they sit cross-legged in the floor. This is known to aide digestion. You are also offered a knee-support or ‘dhichanyu’ as we call it in Gujarati – an apparatus used to support the knee while sitting on the floor. It is known to be crucial in the prevention of various illnesses like hernia and is a feature that is only provided at Vishalla.
Guests are served a glass of fresh, citrusy and refreshing lemonade with zingy ginger before their meal. Lemonade is know to have detoxifying qualities and is also a great way to increase you appetite. This is because we urge you to eat more! And to make that fact clear, we have a volley of trained servers who will treat you like their own guests and follow the practices of ‘agraha’ – the act of urging your guests to eat their fill.
Come to Vishalla to experience hospitality and cuisine at its very best. We are waiting to serve you!
Dudhina Muthiya
Khata Dhokla
Gaajar no Halvo
Bataka Paunva
Chat Puri
Dahi Bundi
Lili Makai na Bhajiya
Lilva ni Tikki
Dahi Vada
We take immense pride and joy in hosting your event; we are honored that your choice is Vishalla. Unlike party plots, marriage halls, or waadi organizers, we promote the patronage of nature lovers.
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Total Time: 11:00 AM TO 11:00 PM
Mr. Surendra C. Patel
Designer & visualizer of Vishalla
Surendra C. Patel, a civil engineer and interior designer, is the designer & visualizer of Vishalla. Since 1965, he has been polishing his skills in creating environs perfect for both the occasion and the people they are made for, both permanent and temporary. Three years after setting up Vishalla, he tried to locate large utensils to render to the restaurant a more ethnic touch. He came across a place in Saurashtra where old utensils were being melted and sold for the brass value. Having the sensitive heart of a designer, the scene broke his heart. He resolved to put in substantial efforts to save and preserve the traditional beauty of utensils. He therefore created a one-of-its-kind museum of old utensils, which is now a public charitable trust, and named it Vechaar.
Mr. Surendra C. Patel