Vishalla isn’t just a dine out place, it is time spent with yourself and your loved ones. And this is made possible through the following attractions:

Natural and Eco Friendly Ambience
From the 2000 green trees planted across the property to the leaf plates which are used to serve food, Vishalla is extremely environment friendly, thanks to its maker, Mr. Surendra Patel, who loves the idea of breathing spaces.

Open Kitchen
There are no trade secrets at Vishalla and this is evident through an open kitchen policy. Come see how the food is made, in large vats and cauldrons and that too, in a mud kitchen! Vishalla brought in the open Kitchen concept, 40 years ago, way ahead of its time.

Folk Art & Entertainment
Vishalla has always been a forerunner when it comes to encouraging traditional folk art and artists from Gujarat and Rajasthan. From music to dance and even the dress codes, everything here has a traditional flavour. No electronic instruments or sound systems are used for the music – we rely on the sharp, clear voice of our artists only.

Kala Bhandaar
Shop to your heart’s content at our little store that stocks up on traditional gaamthi ensembles and fabric and also has a variety of handmade gift products.

Puppet Show
The puppet show has been a legacy at Vishalla, since the time of inception. Puppeteers from across Gujarat are called to show of their ambidextrous skills and entertain guests.

Every Gujarati home has a swing, owing to the hot weather we have – rustic or urban, and so our place was incomplete without the addition of swings. Rest leisurely on these before or after your delicious meals.

Play Area
Let your children run free, in our safe and secure play area specially made so that you can relax while your kids rejoice. The main reason to add in this part was to ensure that modern urban kids don’t get nauseated with the idea of a village and fall in love with the rustic surroundings.

Umang Party Plot
Vishalla Restaurant
Vechaar Utensils Museum