Museum : Veechar Cultural and Heritage Museum for Utensils - Vishalla Restaurant

Vishalla prides itself on its presentation of Indian culture and tradition in its village-like environment with its museum of old utensils known as Vechaar. The museum found its way into Vishalla three years after Vishalla was itself started, on 27 April 1981. Vechaar is the only museum of its kind in the world, displaying such a precious collection of utensils. The designer of Vishalla, Mr. Patel, shares his success in the establishment of Vechaar with Mr. Jyontindra Jain, a well-known anthropologist. Mr. Jain fully supported and guided the cause and eventually helped in setting up the museum itself. His passion for the cause was so deep that his good work did not stop at that; he wrote catalogs for the museum himself.

A walk around the hut-like museum makes one's heart skip a beat, marveling at the inimitable beauty of these utensils of old. These utensils have been handed down through the changing seasons and times, over the years. They speak of the unmatched art and genius of humankind during the days of old when people did not have the modern facilities of our times. The designer could not let our rich heritage pass with these vessels being lost in the fire kilns! He was determined to preserve them, and today, his dream is a reality in the form of Vechaar.

The museum will be closed on Monday.

Timings: The museum is open from 3 pm to 10:30 pm.

Entry Fees: The charge for the entry of an adult is ₹50 and for children aged from 3 to 11 years is ₹20. The ticket price for Foreigners is ₹100 per person. One needs to pay additional ₹200 if they wish to carry mobile phones or Camera. Additional Charges for videography ₹500.

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