Food For Good Health

We serve food which is bought and cooked fresh always. We believe in the nutritive values of good food and thus serve a variety of greens and pulses to ensure that the food you eat isn’t just tasty, it is healthy too.

The great thing about eating at Vishalla is that you will never feel full or lazy after eating a complete thali. The reason for this is the fact that our ingredients and pure, fresh and nutritious and the food preparations are made in less oil, spices, ghee and sugar.

Once you are comfortably seated on the carpeted floor, a turbaned server will pour out fresh clean water from a brass vessel, for you to wash your hands in. After that, the fun begins! Rounds of dishes are served, starting from the digestive amla to the lemonade that is said to be a good appetizer. Little pots of salt and jiggery are passed around too, for cleansing the palate after each course.

We follow the system of Ayurveda, serving fresh nutritious food and aiding digestions that nobody goes home feeling excessively full or uneasy from here.

Ayurveda suggests that after every meal, it is essential to walk for 100 steps, for good digestion. The design of Vishalla is such, that one has no choice but to walk 100 steps to get to their fancy cars also!

Dudhina Muthiya
Khata Dhokla
Gaajar no Halvo
Bataka Paunva
Chat Puri
Dahi Bundi
Lili Makai na Bhajiya
Lilva ni Tikki
Dahi Vada