We have thoughtfully provided the menu here, to help you choose in advance the items you would like served to your guests – since that is usually the first question that arises when planning for an occasion. The menu will help you list the items you want us to serve and finalize the number of guests you expect.
Your Occasion, Our Delight: For a Festival Called Life

We take immense pride and joy in hosting your event; we are honored that your choice is Vishalla. Unlike party plots, marriage halls, or waadi organizers, we promote the patronage of nature lovers.


For a full day's reservation, we cater to 500 guests in the morning and 450 in the evening, which is the required, minimum number of guaranteed guests. We charge for the exact number of minimum guests booked for the day. We will facilitate an increase in the number of guests; however, there is no refund against cancellations. We will charge for each additional guest at the same rate as for other guests.

The timings for booking are from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm for morning events and 6:00PM TO 11:00 PM for an evening occasion.

To enhance your experience, we request punctuality on your side. From our experience and for a graceful conclusion to the event and maximum care and hospitality for your guests, we recommend that you ensure your guests start dinner latest by 8.00 pm. We also serve foreign visitors and guests from the Royal Orient Train tour operators, which may coincide with your event date. Under such circumstances, we will make separate arrangements for their service. This will not hamper service to you, and we hope you will not object to such arrangements in spite of having fully reserved the area.


We require you to finalize the menu 15 days prior to the event date, in person, at 'Vishalla', and we suggest that you have female members of the family present to discuss the dishes.

After the menu is finalized and a week before the event date, you will be invited to taste the menu items, accompanied by a maximum of five persons.

We can serve up to 150 guests through our staff on an individual basis. For more than 450 guests, we can provide a buffet service.

Other Charges
  • Flower Decoration
  • Wall Decoration
  • Canopy Decoration
  • Doli
  • Shehnai

For additional services such as those mentioned above, you may get in touch with us directly at Vishalla. We charge extra for any additional services provided for the decoration of the premises for the event.

Following the confirmation of the booking, you will be required to place an ad in 3 dailies as per the sample provided by us. You will bear 75% of the expense on the ads, while we will bear 25% of the same. This is necessary for the customers as 'Vishalla' is a well-known restaurant, and we would not like to inconvenience our guests who may plan to visit on a coinciding date.

Details of the charges on booking the venue
  • ₹1,50,000/- + GST rent amount for the venue for noon and ₹1,50,000/- + GST rent amount for the venue for the evening
  • 50% on the day of finalizing the Menu and rest 50% on three days before the event date. We expect your cooperation in this regard.
  • The premises are to be cleared of the personal belongings after the event immediately.
  • Patrons are expected to treat our premises with utmost care and consideration and to follow our rules and regulations, which are made to serve you better.
  • For every additional guest, we will charge as per the menu finalized. If you have an increase of guests up to 100 persons, you can inform us as late as the last day, and we will be able to accommodate them; however, we will charge separately for that.
  • 'Vishalla' being a world-class institution, we do not negotiate on final bills and do not expect a penny-pinching attitude from our patrons. We charge for the service that we provide and there are no compromises on services. We expect that our patrons do not expect us to compromise on bills.
  • We expect complete co-operation from you and your guests and are confident that you won’t find this expectation misplaced once you experience our service.
  • The volume of the sound system should be within acceptable limits if your event demands one.
  • You can seek clarification on any details regarding the final bill with our Manager at any point in time.
  • We will charge for any damage caused to 'Vishalla' or any of its property. This charge will be fixed by us.
  • After the menu is finalized, no further changes will be entertained. We may need to change any part of the menu if the circumstances warrant.
  • 'Vishalla' provides every service conceivable and our tradition does not permit any outside food on the premises.
  • Add taxes as applicable.
  • The charge will be as per the rate mentioned in the menu on the date of booking.
  • We are confident that you will conduct yourselves in a manner that will make yourselves proud and uphold the honor of 'Vishalla'.
  • Ahmedabad jurisdiction will apply.