Eating out at restaurants or food joints is a part of the urban lifestyle. What do you worry about the most when planning to go to a restaurant, particularly on a weekend? Waiting time, right? Yes, it really takes its toll on anyone who has to wait to get a table. Vishalla takes care of your concerns and offers you a wonderful entertainment section on the premises. Though, the reason for waiting is that the food is freshly prepared, which takes approximately 25-30 minutes. Not to worry. Move to the entertainment area, which is an open ground with some charpoys on its periphery to sit on and relax while watching the performances. There are bhajans being sung without using an artificial sound system, the folk dance garba being performed by dancers in traditional dress, puppet shows, and magic shows, all of which make for a very enjoyable prelude to the savory feast about to follow.

Again, the emphasis is on recreating a village-like environment for the city folks to relax their mind. You find the entertainment soothing, and it keeps you engrossed until your food is ready.

Umang Party Plot
Vishalla Restaurant
Vechaar Utensils Museum